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A little about myself...

I come from a loving, not so traditional Persian family. Born and raised in Northern California, my life journey lead me to Orange County. I consider myself a total Cali girl!  Since I can remember, the  endless innovations and possibilities of design & fashion has been my muse. I graduated from FIDM in San Francisco with a degree in Fashion Design. Through the years I really found my true calling and passion for interior styling, holiday décor, and fabulous gift creations. Traveling the world has been a huge inspiration to my daily creativity. My nonstop motivation to beautify every joyful experience, lead me to start my own business, Novelty Designs. I believe my biggest asset and what makes me successful at what I do, is my free spirit  and the belief of staying young at heart. This provides and open canvas for creativity and inspiration. I pride myself in the fact that I do all my projects on a fantastic budget. Like we say in the Bay-

"Ballin' on a Budget"

I have become empowered by the community of Orange County. Every beach, local business, hiking trails, & farmers markets (not to mention the perfect sunny weather) has become apart of my daily routine. 

My promise to you, is to always be an authentic mien in who I am and the work that I do. Every project is its own unique adventure, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the priceless reaction to a completed project.

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